Revival Services 2013


05/03/13 — You can now find the messages in audio format at

04/13/13 — Bro Richard was elected to bring the message at the Albany MBC Youth Rally.

04/07/13 — Bro Richard and Sis Jeanie arrived this morning about 30 minutes before Morning Worship Service, so at announcements, we voted to start revival 2 services early!


Bro Richard Crawford, pastor in Muldrow OK was selected to be our evangelist.

End times of services will vary as we won’t know how the singing, preaching, specials and testimonials will play out.


Mon, April 8 – Fri, April 12 — 7:00 pm PT

Sun, April 14 — 9:45 am & 5:00 pm PT

Audio System Update

[UPDATE 03/24/13: Audio connections adjusted, volume levels still being adjusted, but less as we figure out our "standard settings". Stream computer connected direct to modem. New laptop purchased for streaming on 3/22 and will be implemented as the proper programs and settings are placed.]

The audio system was updated between 03/07-09/2013, but bugs are now being worked out as it is a bit different from the old system. So please excuse us and pray for us that we can get the bugs out. :D

Bro Brian 03/10/13

Having troubles viewing?

Are you having troubles viewing the live stream? We use the common Adobe Flash Player.

First, try clearing your cache for flash player:

Version 10 and below If this hasn’t done the trick, it might be wise to update to the latest version available. I always recommend un-checking any security or additional program they offer.

Version 11:

  1. Right click on the video box and select “Global Settings”
  2. Press [Delete All]
  3. Press [Delete Data]

New Calendar

Changed calendar programs.

What is happening for the day, shows up on the side bar. When you click on the date, it brings you to the monthly view.

There is an add-on to this plugin for $30 I am considering purchasing, so others amongst the fellowship can add events, as time goes on.

-Bro Brian

Audio Video System

[UPDATE 01/23/13 -- The audio is now running through OtsAV DJ to boost the volume to "Radio Level", for your listening pleasure.]

Please bear with us.

The sound system and the network are in the process of being upgraded, in a step by step process, having begun with figuring out what we have, and how well it works.

The next step is gathering the information to what system and components will work for the desired results to accommodate the required clarity and speed needed for a better listening and viewing experience.

Youth Rally


Monthly youth rally hosted to be hosted by our sister church, Albany MBC, Albany OR on April 13, 2013, with singing, specials, possible testimonials, possible program put on by the youth, and preaching brought forth by a preacher selected from the floor of those pastors and preachers in attendance. We go by the King James Version of The Bible.

Redone but leaving similar

After about 4 years of the site as it was on Concrete5, it was time to change formats to WordPress 3.5. WordPress has room to grow and has a better flow. I am including the option for those who wish to subscribe. However, at discretion, a person CAN be removed. And a few I might go ahead and upgrade at discretion to create posts and monitor the site to help spread events from within the fellowship of churches.

-Bro Brian, admin